Getting the most from your motorcycle means getting the most out of the rider.

Whatever type of motorcycle riding you're in to CAT-ONE will help you get the most from your rides. The professional CAT-ONE instructors will help you modify, develop and enhance your technique and skills to achieve smoother, safer and trouble free riding.

Only by working as a team could the CAT-ONE professional instructors take advanced motorcycle riding to a whole new level. CAT-ONE combined the skills and experience of IAM senior advanced motorcycle riders and retired class one police motorcycle rider with the highly respected and influential teaching, training and educational skills of 90-ONE Education resulting in a unique motorcycle training and teaching programme.

Originally formed to deliver the Take Control project, funded by the department of transport through a number of local authorities, this exceptional team was formed. Word soon got around. West Mercia Constabulary contracted us in, armed forces personal wanted more skills and individuals would return time and again to enhance their skills even further.

Importantly, the councils gave us no fixed agenda to complete in a day (such is the reputation of the instructor team, the teaching skill of 90-ONE Education). This allowed a very flexible curriculum / structure which is tailored to the candidate existing skills and abilities.

Through CAT-ONE, the team offers its skills and expertise to enhance your road riding. Although no longer funded by the councils due to cutbacks, CAT-ONE realise the importance of this training and witnessed the dramatic improvement in road riding skills. We simply could not deny motorcycle riders the skills they want and their motorbikes deserve, so we found a way to continue.

For more information on the courses, the history of CAT-ONE or about the CAT-ONE team, have a look around this web site using the links above.