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Before you read to far down this page, you really should know about CAT-ONE.

OK. You want to be better at "something" when riding a motorcycle on the roads. This might just be a single aspect covered in the Advanced motorcycle riding course or it might be something you think is unique.

A great line from a rider is "I want to be able to keep up with my mates" Well, remember the Advanced motorcycle riding course is tailored to you. Simply explain that to the instructor, the instructor will assess your riding and give the most appropriate training to your needs.

However if you want one to one training, have a specific riding requirement or just want to be guided towards road riding excellence in a specific area, then a bespoke training course is your you.

This may be related to an area of your riding you feel may be particularly weak, e.g. cornering and roundabouts, and you just want to spend the day getting that perfected.

Maybe it's a specific skill you need to acquire. For example, riding at 3mph with a television camera operator perched the wrong way around on the back while they film a cycle race up a steep incline, and then avoiding the push bike pile up in front of you. . . well that may be it

Bespoke motorcycle training really does mean that. Bespoke. No matter what you are looking for, contact CAT-ONE. If we can assist and it's within our professional capacity (and legal) we will. If we can't, we are honest enough to tell you, and explain why.

"I want to get my knee down and pop wheelies" Well, sorry that's off road activities and for the race track and stunt training schools, CAT-ONE are into legal safe road training, so we would not be able to assist on that.

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