Corporate advanced motorcycle riding course

Essentially an advanced motorcycle riding course delivered to groups. Have a look below, and see if this applies to you. Corporate courses are normally delivered starting and ending at your premises during the normal day

Professional Riders

If you or your company use motorcycles as part of everyday business, then the Advanced motorcycle riding course from CAT-ONE could be highly advantages.
* Reduced down time
* Better fuel economy
* Reduced motorcycle maintenance costs
* Safer happier riders
* Shorter journey times.

Company Riders

If you have staff who commute to work by motorcycle, then the Advanced motorcycle riding course from CAT-ONE is for those riders, it could almost be seen as a "duty of care". Although technically not on company premises while commuting to and from work by motorcycle, improving their safety by putting them on an Advanced motorcycle riding course from CAT-ONE has many advantages.
* Improved employee safety
* Reduce possible lost days and sick pay.
* Staff "feel good" factor (show you care).

Groups & Organisations

Many private groups and organisations use motorcycles. From motorcycle clubs and groups through charities and professional volunteer bodies. An Advanced motorcycle riding course from CAT-ONE can only improve your riders abilities skills and safety.

Specialist aspects of riding can be incorporated into the Bespoke advanced motorcycle riding course. Examples given below
* Event Marshalling (cycle races, runners etc.)
* Motorcycle club runs, organising, marshalling, drop off and buddy systems, radio usage
* Motorcycle based television camera operator (for the motorcycle rider, and the camera operator sitting the wrong way around on the back, not how to use the camera)
* Two way communication and radio training.
* We can even cover the exact and legal use of "blues & two's" for the emergency services.

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